Rachel Stevens began her artistic journey as a self-taught artist in 1984 (forgive the third person. It’s an artist thing. It makes them sound like they’re dead, I think. Always a sound marketing strategy). That’s when she picked up a ball of clay to share with her children on a rainy Austin day.  The children lost interest after about 5 minutes, but something was triggered in Rachel.  Sculpture became her passion and remains so today after 30 years.  During that time, while trying to escape the demands of law practice, which she quit eight times in order to pursue her art, she created hundreds of figurative clay sculptures which can now be found in collections across Texas and Idaho.  From 1984 to 1998 her work appeared in numerous galleries and juried exhibitions. In 2002, she discovered a passion for screenwriting and two years later decided to focus all of her creative attention on her Hollywood dream.  Eight years later, in 2012, inspired by a tragic muse, she once again took clay in hand, and now shares her unique perspective and extraordinary technique with her students.  Inspired by the work of Auguste Rodin, her sculptures singularly embody the poignancy, the imperfection, and the stark drama of the human condition.